Possibly you have already noticed me going into stan mode over the latest Agnes (Carlsson) release, “24 Hours,” recently. I reviewed it for the blog back in May. (You can read the feature here). During the past few weeks since it dropped. My obsession with the epic track has not wavered one bit if, anything, it has grown bigger. The minute I heard “24 Hours” for the first time I, had it mentally marked down as the track I most want to dance to went hitting the club for the first time, post lockdown. “24 Hours” remains unmatched. No other song has come and along and knocked it off of the pedestal I plonked, it on.

The video that has just been released and directed by SWIM CLUB is everything I had hoped it would be. I said it previously and will say it once again. The looks she is sporting for “24 Hours” are iconic. Legendary. She looks amazing. I have a severe dose of hairstyle and shoulder pad envy from just looking at these stunning silhouettes. I genuinely am of the feeling this is the song of the summer. It beats me that still, not many people have not discovered it yet. 

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Speaking on social media, Agnes shared…

“When we need to process a dramatic change in our life, we go through different stages of emotion. The video for “24 Hours” is based on that journey and the different personalities that it brings to light. All tailored to help us cope with everything from sadness and frustration to anger and grief. It’s not pretty, but without them, we wouldn’t be rewarded with the powerful energy that then helps us move forward.”

Forget Kylie, Dua, and Madonna. The next album from Agnes is what I am longing for.

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