I am sorry. I don’t mean to be rude, but does anyone else find this press photo of Agnes as unflattering, as I do? The Swedish singer looks kind of awkward if you ask me. I am actually, feeling quite awkward, looking at the picture. Agnes is a beautiful woman, yet all I can think about as I am looking at this image, is, what a strange pose, this is. I am so glad that she’s bringing the goods again with her new track “Goodlife” though. Which keeps up the trend of glittery disco flavours, following on from the release of “Nothing Can Compare” of last year.

The mood on “Goodlife” feels very freeing. And has a distinctive, grab life by the horns appeal stemming from the euphoric, feel-good melody. This is a big disco song, with added string arrangements. I first noted it on “Nothing Can Compare“, the funky disco Diana Ross vibe which featured there, is somewhat strong here again, once more. Agnes is most certainly spinning in a different direction with her new music. Timeless disco-pop, such as that she is making now will never die. What it does instead, is largely grows to become iconic in the bigger scheme of things.

Agnes says, “On the dance floor, there are, no rights or, wrongs. You just are”

She definitely, made sure this message comes through with crystal clear, clarity on the new songs. The beats pound, the rhythm sways back and forth. The alluring hooky refrain catches on the ear and without a moment’s hesitation imprints itself with us. Tap, tap, tapping the glorious, exhilarating golden-aged disco grooves into our brains. When I hear these new tracks I can’t help, but to feel that I’ve been given VIP access to an Agnes disco party. Which leads me to ponder, she should tour these songs and give her fans an old school experience which essentially fits in with the style of ABBA. Now wouldn’t that be quite the thing, if any of that were actually to happen?

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