Sweden’s Agnes Carlsson returned to serving us glittery disco flavours in 2019 releasing the “Nothing Can Compare” EP she followed this with singles “Goodlife” and the phenomenal track “Fingers Crossed.” A week ago she snuck out a brand new song called “24 Hours” which is purportedly another glimpse from her upcoming fifth studio album. I can’t help but get giddy with excitement about the prospect of this album, because everything she has put out during the last couple of years has been so good and impressively immense. The track “24 Hours” continues the trend. It has an epic disco presence and boasts stunning euro-pop flavours equally. I admit I am super obsessed with her most recent output. Similarly, both “Fingers Crossed” and “24 Hours” have vibes that light my fire. I really think that if Agnes is working on an album, it will be comparable to, if not likely to become a classic (if given half a chance) like Madonna’sConfessions On A Dancefloor.”

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The look she is sporting for “24 Hours” is iconic. Legendary. She looks amazing. I have a severe dose of hairstyle and shoulder pad envy from just looking at this stunning silhouette. When listening to this track, it makes me think that if Agnes was marketed in the same way as Dua Lipa, the success she would be enjoying would be massive. And it’s totally what she deserves, specifically with her most recent interstellar tracks in mind. During her esteemed career, Agnes has acquired a knack for serving tracks that certainly leave me wanting more. And that I can’t get out of my head. If that means I am loony swoony stan, I’ll take and own it. I just need Agnes to know, heady disco songs like “24 Hours” is giving me life.

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