Yes, this really is a new song from the one and the same Agnes Carlsson, the Swedish singer renowned for her 2009 hit “Release Me.” She had the pop world at her feet a decade ago but fell off of our radar when she started to bring in experimental elements within her music. She is back in our favour as she returns rejuvenated from a sabbatical. Hallelujah, on new EP offering “Nothing Can Compare” she is going back to her roots, serving burning hot, dance floor flavours.

The title track also serves as the third single off of the release. It promptly grabbed my attention because of its classic disco stylizing. When popping the track on for a listen. I’m getting a whole lot of Diana Ross “Chain Reaction” realness coming through loud and clear. On a dismal autumn day, this is very enjoyable indeed. My hope is other pop artists will keep this in mind when releasing music through the winter months. As I cannot abide when pop gets as dark and feeling cold like the season of the year we are entering into.

We are even getting a video to accompany this quite, frankly, amaze song. The visual itself is not particularly anything over, special, mind. It is lovely, nonetheless, to reconnect with Agnes on all levels. A decade on, we find she is still rocking sparkly dresses and looking mighty fine. Being as I have made reference to Agnes’s past releases, I think I should also bring your attention, the interview we ran on the blog back in 2009. Where she spoke to Raj about her rise to fame and comparisons to Leona Lewis.

I am a believer of the expression, what goes around comes back around. I hope this is true of Agnes and that she will continue indulging us with more dreamy disco tracks for some considerable time to come.

Check out Agnes “Nothing Can Compare” EP on Spotify HERE

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