As much as I like the songstress ways of Mimi Webb, I really hope she doesn’t become synonymous in the long term with sad bops and heartbreak pop songs only. Precisely what Mimi is serving at the moment, while going into the release of her debut EP, titled “Seven Shades of Heartbreak“.

When I first wrote about her at the top of the year, and upon the release of the track “Reasons“, I knew she had something special. I was not prepared for how quickly people would catch on to her. I am really pleased to see this happen, though. Because she has the most beautifully powerful, distinctive voice that has the unique ability to stir up a multitude of, feelings inside us. Releasing the next track, “24/5“, Mimi’s emotions are at their most raw. (And prepare yourselves to cry a river when you get stuck into this track.) Mimi has not spoken much about the origin of the song. Although, has said of the upcoming EP, “it means the world to me, as it’s a story of me”.

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Good lord. On the strength of her recent songs, I am beginning to think she has endured more heartbreak than Adele. The emotion Mimi brings to her songs just pierces through you. I equally want to listen to her songs because of her sublime voice and close my eyes, curl myself up in a ball under my duvet. Stay hidden from the world and in the safest place possible. Then, I watch the breathtaking music videos she always puts out, and I feel empowered by her in an instant. She really is a rare find.

I know like everyone else is stuck on Olivia Rodrigo and Tate McRae at the moment, but for me, neither hold a candle to Mimi Webb.

The “Seven Shades of Heartbreak” EP releases 22nd October PRE-SAVE HERE

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