What a breakout year! The emerging singer Mimi Webb was one of the biggest artists to break through in 2021. Soon after becoming enthralled with her striking track “Reasons“, early in the year. I switched onto Mimi faster than I ever did with anyone else before. Her captivating and unique, smoky voice had me spellbound from the offset. While everyone else was waxing lyrical about Olivia Rodrigo and Tate McRae, I stuck firm with and remained captivated by Mimi Webb. In particular, after dropping the track “Good Without,” that solidified her status as one-to-watch.

After snatching third place on the BBC Radio 1’s Sound Of 2022 poll, Mimi follows up the success with the explosive Cirkut produced offering “House On Fire“. Mimi’s debut EP, “Seven Shades Of Heartbreak“, was great. But I am relieved she is moving away from breakup songs for fear of becoming a stereotype. It is a good time to switch to empowering pop anthems, as these are also a good fit for Mimi. She has the right kind of vocal command, almost divaesque, to pull these types of songs off.

Her glowing performance on “House On Fire” is undeniable. Every word she sings is utterly effervescent, but when arriving at the chorus section, Mimi sets the whole thing alight with her sassy allure and altogether cheekier outlook. I appreciate this new mood from Mimi a lot, and I hope she will bring me more of it throughout 2022. I am ready!

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A great song deserves to be accompanied by a fab video also. The KLVDR (Stormzy, Wiley, MØ) directed clip for “House On Fire” does not disappoint.

Being on this journey with Mimi this far, I have long grasped she is capable of genuine fierceness. You may have seen me making comparisons with Tate McRae in my reviews for Mimi Webb. Right now, Mimi is enchanting audiences on a sold-out UK tour. How fortutious. Next up, she will support Tate McRae on her 2022 North American tour.

If you had any doubts about Mimi. Now that “House On Fire” is out, I strongly feel you should be coming around to the idea that she is hotter than hot. I have also said, “her ascent to mega pop stardom is in the same league as Dua Lipa“. Check back with me in a year or two, and let’s see if my tastemaker predictions are boiling hot or below zero freezing, cold.

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