When I touch down in Austin for what has become my annual pilgrimage to SXSW. I really cannot wait for the live music showcases and film previews to begin. As always, there is a vast choice of music acts to see. Even though I’ve picked out a schedule in readiness, there is always the likely chance it will get amended when I get wind of something exciting which might have dipped beneath mine and most other people’s radars. As soon as I realised Bleachers were down for performing as a part of Rachael Ray’s Feedback party. No brainer. I had to be there. A lot of people didn’t know about this show, so if you were paying attention to all of the other parties happening around SXSW, you were lucky to see this show!

I can say this about my first Bleachers gig. The die-hard Jack Antonoff fans turned up in force ready to eat up a small selection of the band’s hits and most loved songs. They journeyed us through “Strange Desire” singles, “Shadow,” “I Wanna Get Better” and “You’re Still A Mystery.” Picking out “Let’s Get Married” and “Don’t Take The Money” from sophomore album “Gone Now.” All of which you will hear in my live footage below.

This Rachael Ray Feedback Party showcase was a nice little breather and studio break for Bleachers who are currently at work on their third album. It was their first show in six months, as a matter of fact. I think Jack and co were really up for hitting the stage and feeling the connection with their fans who similarly, gave back so much in enthusiasm, waggling their hands about in the air and singing along.

As I started to up write this review, it occurred to me, the music videos for the “Gone Now” album were a little bit thin on the ground. Mandy wrote up a track review for”Hate That You Know Me,” although we don’t seem to have any visuals from the critically acclaimed album anywhere on EQ. So, I’m going to drop in the bold and colourful vid for “Don’t Take The Money” below, because why the hell not. We like to think of Bleachers as a more fun version of The Killers! This video identifies with our thoughts about the band. Shouting out a request to Bleachers, for more visual content with album number three, pretty please.

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