I was super honoured to get to contribute this year to the SXSW Music Bloggers Guide and one of the bands I discovered myself on the list of live acts was MNKYBSNSS.

MNKYBSNSS are these two cool dudes from Colombia that know to keep up with a good electronic buzz. Some of their music reminds me a little bit of Depeche Mode, with their own latino-electronica fumes. All it took was a quick YouTube search of their music videos for me to become an instant fan.

Read our preview of MNKYBSNSS in the SXSW Music Bloggers Guide below and discover them just like I did…

From SXSW Music Bloggers Guide

There is something futuristically cool about MNKYBSNSS that I can’t quite put my finger on. Perhaps it’s because tracks like “Something’s Missing” and “Raindrops” sound as effortlessly apropos for European clubs as they would do for a future Blade Runner movie.

Maybe it has something to do with the cinematic quality of their music videos that keeps me hungering for more. All I know is that I’m fan-boying with every new release MNKYBSNSS flawlessly execute with their self-proclaimed “abstract compositions and divergent rhythms”.

Hailing from Bogotá, Colombia, this electronic duo have meticulously crafted a set of crazy/sexy/cool tracks that have enticed Sony Music to leap on board and help spread the MNKYBSNSS to the masses. I’m ready to let the smoke and wind machines luxuriate me in the laser synthetics and poptronik sound that MNKYBSNSS promise on first listen.