We wanted to pick back up with LA-based indie-pop savants Magdalena Bay. We covered their blissful, shimmery synth-pop track “Story” for the blog, spring 2020. Turned out it was kind of a bittersweet release, for these buzz-accumulating emerging artists. Instead of celebrating the launch of the sparkly EP “A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling” the duo were also, due to appear at SXSW. Suffice to say we all know what happened next. You could say the EP release was quite the wild ride. Happily, things are beginning to get back on track in Magdalena Bay land (now working on a new album with announcing going on tour with George Clanton and Vitesse X). And thus, since hitting its, one-year, release anniversary feel it prudent to show a little more appreciation of both Magdalena Bay, and the glistening EP which quickly became our first quarantine album.

All in all, “A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling” evokes sun-soaked summer grooves throughout. Boasting dreamy vocals aplenty and softly soothing melodies. With the sun starting to make an appearance again, we’ve had good reason to pull the EP out some more for multiple listens. When it comes to gelling with just one track “Story” has the edge. We were kinda glad to see that it eventually got its moment to shine at SXSW when the festival transferred online for 2021. “Story” was included in the mini-set along with the EP tracks “Venice” and “Good Intentions.” We loved this performance and how Mica and Matthew upped the game on their usual DIY stylings. And feel maybe because of this, they had an advantage when being moved to livestream.

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