From all that started as Fun for Jack Antonoff, and turned around in the formation of Bleachers a few years down the line. The singer, songwriter all encompassed musician and producer has spawned hits for his involvement with a plethora of heavy weights from the pop genre. We’re talking top tier artists such as Taylor Swift, Sia and Lorde choosing Antonoff as their collaborator of choice.

And so stating the above, Antonoff’s profile has been raised to the hilt since he first stepped out with Bleachers eclectic indie-pop debut material which formed the “Strange Desire” album. To the greatest extent it’s where Jack showed the world his real colours as an innovator. From here-on-in it’s a different shade of pop and experimentation that leads Bleachers into delivering their upcoming sophomore long player “Gone Now”.

Thankfully the jaunty, wonky pop vibe remains a staple in the sound mix, which does appear to have gone up a few notches in the overall pop presence of album countdown tracks “Don’t Take The Money” and “Hate That You Know Me”, the latter feeling like the musical stepping stone which could have comfortably lead Fun into Bleachers in the first instance.

Hate That You Know Me” isn’t without its collaborators also, Carly Rae Jepsen features on the backing vox and popstar-in-waiting Julia Michaels came in, on the writing process.

On balance Jack Antonoff, does appear to be opening a new can of music soup with this new album. I feel that if we were to peer into a wormhole amassed of pop energy from 30 years ago into the future, David Byrne of Talking Heads would appear as a hologram in Antonoff’s skin. This is a very good thing by the way, Talking Heads were wild and creative and pressed their own buttons. Bleachers are now drinking from the same cup and I’m ready to feed my ears giddy drunk on consuming pints of this stuff.