SXSW 2018 Music Spotlight: Elle Exxe (Interview)

When it comes to seeing British artists at SXSW, I will usually tend to go and see another act in the time slot if I can because SXSW is about discovering music acts from all over the world, that you’d normally wouldn’t get to see.

However, I have heard of Elle Exxe before as she’s no stranger to performing in London. Seeing that she was playing at one of my favourite hole-in-the-wall bars, The Iron Bear, I decided to check her out. What I walked away with was knowing that I got to see a massive talent blow the roof off a venue that you’d normally not get to see her in. Kinda like maybe seeing Lady Gaga perform at a little dive bar in New York – that’s what it felt like.

When we got back to London, we got in touch with Elle Exxe to chat about her music and what she thinks are the most important issues facing music today. Check out out video highlights of the show and interview above.

I’m really like Elle Exxe. The girl is humble. She really wants this pop star gig. She works hard and is doing this as organically as she can and is gaining momentum.

Check out her new video for “Catapult” where the message is, you either get Elle Exxe or you don’t.

We get it gurl and we love it.