SXSW 17 Film Review: Alien Covenant

Last night was the kickoff night for SXSW 2017 and what a night it was!

We started the day by attending a panel hosted by Rotten Tomatoes called “Your Opinion Sucks” which pitted fan opinions against film critics opinions on such films as Guardians Of The Galaxy, The Godfather, Road House, Vanilla Sky, La La Land and Logan and it was a real hoot indeed. It’s always good to ease into SXSW and this was the perfect panel to start things off for us. Humour is always the way to go.

However, we knew we were in for a real treat at 10pm though as iconic director Ridley Scott showed us over 20 minutes of new footage from the upcoming film “Alien Covenant” which takes us back to the Aliens universe for a new adventure. And, from we we saw of the new footage – this film looks absolutely TERRIFYING! There were screams terror (and joy) upon seeing this new footage and we are super excited to see the whole film when it drops in May.

Ridley Scott also introduced the cast to the Paramount Theatre in Austin which included none other than Michael Fassbender along with new leading lady, Katherine Waterson and Danny McBride. After a short Q&A, we were then treated to the original 1979 classic “Alien” film as introduced by Ridley Scott himself that you can check out that introduction on our Instagram page.

What a magical night and a great way to kick-off our SXSW 2017.