As soon as word got out, Alphabeat had reformed and would make their comeback at SXSW headlining the Neon Gold Showcase at Empire Garage (their first gig in six years). I knew I would be in for a real treat.

It was least expected that we might be going crazy over Alphabeat in 2019. But with the unleashing of new song “Shadows” prior to the band heading out to Austin. We got to see that the electrifying energy they have always had was still noticeably in abundance. And so saying they soon became another priority act to add my crazy mad SXSW schedule.

It was the coolest to get caught up in all the Alphabeat, heady pop grooves once more, of “10,000 Nights” and “Fascination” especially. Well, all of it really. Everyone at Empire Garage had lost a decade of their lives. The band’s vibrant effervescing performance knocked ten years clean off. The feeling was palpable. The world really does feel a much better place with Alphabeat back in it. Neon Gold was the POP showcase to be at, on March 13th.

Coming soon… keep your eyes peeled for our Alphabeat Interview.

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