Well, we’ve come to an end of Myylo Week here on EQ Music.

It’s been an absolute blast to post our exclusive video content this week with Myylo.

To top off this fun-filled week – we have a BIG Myylo announcement.

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We fucking miss live music!

Need we say more? Of course. Myylo has agreed to come to London in September to do an EQ Music Live show and we couldn’t be any more excited. All this and the lovely Lostchild and Mickey Taylor will be on support.

Obviously, this is all covid-allowing and all, and assumes everyone has been vaccinated and we are back to a somewhat new normal here in the UK as laid out by Boris’ road to recovery roadmap.

We do expect to have some more concrete details to share in May regarding tickets, meet and greet info and the exact date, venue (sorted already) and time obviously, so consider this a placeholder announcement for now with more info coming.

Check out some of our other EQ Music Live shows we’ve collaborated on with the likes of Frankmusik, Betty Who, Dragonette, Jennifer Paige and The Sound Of Arrows to get a flavour of what our live music nights are like.

To help wet your appetite for Myylo’s EQ Music Live show, we’ve pulled a little YouTube video of him performing “Homesick” which is one of our favorite songs of his. So just imagine this, Myylo, in London, singing all his latest and greatest. We are super stoked. Keep checking back for more details as we’ll leave them on the homepage on when you can get your tickets.

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