It was the album “Surrender” which first opened our eyes and ears to Mickey Taylor when it was released this summer. The lyrically intimate collection of tracks came laced with ambitious and frank pop songs about relationships and heartbreak. Further to Taylor’s previously self-released albums “Troubled” and “Midnight Palace.  “Surrender” marked a collaborative and creative leap forward for the UK musician and recording artist with artist/writer/producer Lostchild also coming on board. Nowhere on the album does their collaborative music partnership shine out more radiantly than on the track “Jokes.” A song which explores the fear of commitment, while, sung with an authentically honest voice. 

I would go so far to say the remarkable, vulnerability which permeates throughout both the narrative and musicality of this song. Makes “Jokes” a standout, among the ten tracks which make up “Surrender.”

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Jokes“, has a soft spot in my heart. Because, it’s about myself and Lostchild’s troubles being able to emotionally let go of the past and allow new love in – without trying to self destruct it in the process. I have had some pretty messed up and toxic relationships which really have stopped me from opening up about my past. Releasing “Jokes” felt like closing a book on those feelings and thoughts.” – Mickey Taylor

Much like the thoughtfully emotive, track, the accompanying music video embodies the moodily honest vibe which plays out through the lyrics of the song. The black and white clip directed and choreographed by The House Of Androgyny (Dale K) captures Mickey and Lostchild in the midst of catching up with their feelings. In a heartfelt conversation to their lovers, they lay cold hard truths on the line. “I was only making jokes when I told you that I loved you.” They clarify as they continue delving deeper still, into the examining of their personal struggles. Dancer, Callum Sterling accentuates the poignant mood of the video clip further with his artful performance of interpretative dance choreography.

Mickey Taylor and Lostchild are a meeting of musical minds with compelling chemistry. I hope their musical partnership does not stop here and will continue to grow.

Jokes” also appears on Lostchild’s latest EP “Imperfect” (find out more here)

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