Welcome back to Myylo Week on EQ Music.

For today’s exclusive content, Myylo serves up the ultimate revenge song “Finger” which you can stream on Spotify.

Myylo is one boy you DON’T want to cheat on. If you do, he’s gonna put you on blast, write a sweet-ass country song about it and smash up your car. You’ve been warned.

“Finger” is how we first found about Myylo. Word on the interwebs was there was a new Steve Grand on the scene, serving up some pretty thoughtful and catchy gay country songs – and boy are we a sucker for that.

With “Finger” Myylo was able to put himself on the map by learning to write songs in Nashville, releasing his 2017 “South” EP which we played to death. Even if country music isn’t quite your jam, we think you’ll appreciate the pop sensibility that Myylo first gave us. “Homesick” is an absolute jam and you really should check out his earlier work.

Stream or download the 100% Myylo playlist on Spotify which probably wins the playlist of the year from us. Two hours of music genius.

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