Oh, how the floodgates have opened! Since his EP era came to a close last year with the release of the aptly named “My EP Era Is Over Now” EP. Singer-songwriter, Myylo let on a debut album was in the works. As a consequence, in recent months and in readiness for the upcoming release, he dropped off a slew of new tracks. “Being Born Kinda Sucks,” “Abercrombie and Fitch Boy,” and “Tally Ho.” Here comes another. Album teaser #4 is “Cling On,” where Myylo waxes lyrical about his infatuation / borderline obsession with his lover.

It isn’t like Myylo to express his loving thoughts about boys in a mushy way. Instead, he conjures up daydreamy images using his wonderful sense of whimsy more often than not. The track “Cling On” makes use of both these traits. This is Myylo’s charming way of appearing cute and needy at the same time.

Checking out the lyrics of the track, it is too apparent he has no intention of letting his love muffin out of sight.

“I guess that I’m a needy dude. Gotta stay close to you at the Whole Foods. And at the club. Use you like a crutch. Holding your hand while we dance, dance revolution.”

Even when his lover acts up annoyingly, Myylo sees past the irritations. This is because he is viewing life through a pair of love googles. So much so, that he is not noticing the world around them.

Openly, he declares, “I’m a little bug sucking love parasite,” by way of affirmation.

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For the music video. Maya Sassoon (“Being Born Kind Sucks“) is at the directorial helm. Disclaimer: the clip contains gross scenes of PDA. And also features inflatable palm trees. There is one scene, Myylo almost wears nothing other than a cute unicorn pool float.

Cast your queasy feelings aside. Feast your eyes on the usual Myylo mayhem. (Remember, as always. It is the hot boys that show up when working with Myylo.) We sincerely thank him for smooching with these hotties for the sake of making his charmingly queer art.

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