Welcome back to Myylo Week on EQ Music.

For today’s exclusive content, Myylo breaks down all the references on his track “I Can’t Help But Look” which you can stream on Spotify.

What’s this little pop gem all about?

Well, admit it, you’ve got a sneaky peek of that gym bae in the locker room and thought, “I definitely could do with some of that”. Well, this song is what that thought/thot is all about…

“I Can’t Help But Look” is unabashedly Myylo. A clever pop jam with tons of hidden references (we are dying over the Justin Trudeau and Beckham shout-outs) for you to geek out over.

Make sure to seek out or download the 100% Myylo playlist on Spotify which we like to listen to at the gym when we’re taking too many trips to the locker room to check our hair…

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