You are not mistaken reader. Above is a lovely photograph of Sean Smith, one time of the duo Same Difference (finalists on the X Factor in 2007). He does look somewhat different these days to how we remember him, but who doesn’t change a bit sixteen years on. Over the intervening years, I have noticed his solo music career take shape when covering the songs “Dirty Mirrors,” “Do or Die,” and “Fire” on the blog. As well as many single releases, he also released a debut album in 2020 entitled “Solo“.

A new era starts for the pop vocalist as he marks his return with the song “Young Love“. The track, written by Justin Busch & produced by Busch and Lenny B, takes Sean’s music further into a club, pop direction than he’s dared to go before. This narrative is uplifting and celebratory, which I find particularly pleasing. Especially when considering many songs written about love and relationships tend to concentrate less on happiness. Instead chose to zero in on themes of heartbreak and sadness.

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It is my belief. The song “Young Love” is full of feel-good vibes, as Sean similarly wanted to give us a feeling of joy with its release. Also, in choosing to hone in with a narrative that explicitly focuses on evoking the intense experience of teenage love. Since when you are a teenager in love, this love is everything. He allows listeners to experience or revisit these butterfly feelings through the power of song. Just like the real sensations, the sense of euphoria in this track is indescribable, somewhat dizzying and intensified.

It is not unusual to find Sean performing at festivals. Therefore, it is necessary that he has a song as electrifying and emboldened as “Young Love,” in his repertoire to energize any crowd.

As always, Sean Smith continues to impress with quality tunes. In my parting words, I say to Sean keep the gems coming!

The single “Young Love” will also feature remixes by Matt Pop which will release on the 27th of March.

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