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It must be the many performances he’s been doing on cruise ships recently that inspired Sean Smith to release a track, like a summer banger in January. But equally, I similarly understand the thinking behind spreading some sunshine vibes at this time of year. Especially so when the weather has been so changeable lately. And if there was anyone I would rather unleash some summery grooves upon, undoubtedly, Sean Smith comes top of my list. In fact, I’ve noticed a pattern emerging, it was about this time last year when Sean released another euphoric anthem “Young Love.”

Also, it is very typical of Sean to write from a happy place. You see, in this instance, congratulations are in order. As Sean was recently married, and is of course, very loved-up. Therefore, it completely makes sense that he would share a glimpse at his happiest of experiences in the form of a song.

In the song lyrics, “If we’ve only got one more night together, don’t go so fast, let’s make it last… Lets make it feel like forever.”

Sean sings aloud as if in complete rapture. Not only does “Feels Like Forever” exhibit the attributes of a summer banger but also the traits spawned by an anthem indebted to love.

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Spending a large chunk of the year navigating the Caribbean and such like, on luxury cruise ships, however, doesn’t come without presenting some difficulties. Especially so in light of recording tracks and promoting single releases. Undoubtedly, quality over quantity is key, and by adhering to this formula, Sean ensures that the music will make waves and stand out from the rest. Therefore, if he can manage to only unleash one or two songs a year. He does right when ensuring these are soaring, sunshine-pop bangers.

The single “Feels Like Forever” will also feature remixes by Matt Pop which will be released on the 12th of February.

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