It’s true Sean Smith is looking and sounding a whole lot different to that of his former days as one half of sibling duo Same Difference. Since going solo in the past three years, he’s undergone quite a transformation. The singer has moved on from the sugary bubblegum appealing tracks made with sister Sarah, during their endearing spell as Same Difference. Sean is a tad more discerning and serious about his craft these days. Even the latest single “Do Or Die” has a provocative title which suitably coincides with his newfound mean and moody image.

The singer’s previous single “Fire” definitely got us hot under our collars when it was released in 2017. The track affirmed that he had broken out of the teen pop niche. Although, he has kept us waiting, a short while for its follow-up. The arrival of “Do or Die” further reveals his intent to move forward, showing us more depth and tonality going into his vocal. His voice is now rounding out nicely and appears to be developing in a symbiotic alignment with his clearly worked on biceps and buns of steel, boosted body shape.

Some of us are born thrill seekers but as we get older, the exhilaration of living in the moment gets all the more, sweeter. Some risks are worth taking more than others. The inner compass of the soul and judgement are everything. I believe this is what Sean is endeavouring to get across in this song. Whatever. His vocal is assured and committed to the cause, that we hear him out. It’s a rally for camaraderie and a release for adrenaline pumped desires. A steady deep groove and an effective rhythm join everything to make this track a dance floor filler. Undeniably, an admirable effort from someone continually honing their craft.

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