When Sean Smith first popped up on our TV screens as one half of the duo Same Difference on the fourth series of X Factor UK in 2007, I guess, it was expected, on the back of the public’s imagination, the likeable siblings would at least achieve a hit or two. Back then, it probably never occurred to the majority of us that the show would still be running over a decade later and subsequently, we would be talking about contestants from the early series some years further on. But, here we are doing just that because Sean’s new single “Fire” has just been released and it’s pretty good.

The easiest way for Sean to launch a solo career might have been to go on The Voice UK, rather than this he’s signed up and recording with British independent label Energise Records. “Fire” is Sean’s third release on the label but, I feel he’s only been getting into his stride until the song “Fire” came along. Sean has undergone a sleek image overhaul which also extends through the music. The style he’s going for is electronic pop, stirred with bouncing beats on the song. It’s, sweet and classy, and Sean’s vocals shine through the synth-heavy production achieving a new cool rating for the former teen pop singer.

While a fair few artists make half-hearted attempts to revive their post-reality show careers, Sean is thoughtfully plotting his comeback one track at a time and evolving with a notch more credibility on every release. The way I see it if there is room for Steps to make a comeback there’s a market for Sean to aim for now he’s turned away from the squeaky-clean image and wholesome sound that was Same Difference, it looks like he’ll achieve it. Sean has broken out of the teen niche. You got to agree he’s looking pretty hot these days!?

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