I first met Ben Davidson through his super, positive song “The Chain” and was at once left really, impressed by his powerful, dynamic voice. Since releasing his debut album “No One Knows” last year. I have held out hope, that at some point, the track “Dirty Mirrors” from the long-player would be up for consideration as a single release. The wait is over. The opportunity for the track to shine under its own spotlight has arrived. And, the release comes, with a lovely, package of remixes as well. Whichever way I am listening to this track, be it through “The Matt Pop” mix and extended mix, “The TMAC” remix, or the original edit. I am greeted with energised pop flavours, and a plethora of dazzling electronic beats made ready to storm the dancefloor.

I have spoken about the extra bonuses which come with this release. What I have failed to mention as yet is, that we also have the added bonus of Sean Smith (formerly, of the duo Same Difference) dueting on the track. As far as I can make out, the song speaks of staying strong and coming through the bad times, while being safe in the knowledge that we make our own happiness, anyways.

I really like how Ben and Sean’s voices work in complement to one another. As my ears are treated to some, simply, peachy, harmonising. I am also hearing news, Ben will be starting work on his sophomore album pretty soon. To be honest, I can’t think of a better way of rounding off the “No One Knows” album campaign than on an upbeat note, with “Dirty Mirrors“. As not only is it a fitting example of Ben’s vocal prowess but amplifies his talent as an exciting performer, as well.

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