Do I need to be thinking about recap posts from this year already? I mean really! The amount of emails I am receiving about this suggests to me, that I should maybe begin getting my head around the idea! Personally, I feel it is a bit early to go down this route as yet. However, I have a change of heart where this music artist I am writing about today is concerned. The reason for this changing of mind? The Danish singer, songwriter and producer Asbjørn is gearing up to unleash “Boyology+” a deluxe version of the “Boyology” album. That is his critically acclaimed third album that was released in January this year. I am pleased to talk about this album some more. Since, in particular regards, to the track “X in My Sensual.” Which is an update of the song “L to the Head” found on “Boyology“.

Recalling the song “L to the Head” for a moment. The lyrics here describe a loser in love, who shows a vulnerable side as an attractive characteristic.

In this instance, why revisit this track? The reason is that stemmed of an experience Asbjørn had where he found himself on the receiving end of unwanted advances at a club. It is this event that has inspired him to revisit, the song “L to the Head“.

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Asbjørn comments,

“There’s a glitch in the gay-community where the cultivation of sexual freedom can turn a safe-space into the absolute opposite. Club culture is one of the hardest places to exercise sexual consent. Because people often use it as a vessel to let go of their inhibitions.”

The concept behind “X in My Sensual“. Is conveying the idea that letting go of restraints without crossing other people’s boundaries, is a much cooler option.

The decision to revisit the track as a collaboration. Where Asbjørn invites emerging Danish singer-songwriter DAYYANI onboard. Is also a cool move by him. The reason for this being. In addition to her inclusion. It is DAYYANI’s vocal performance that exhibits an R’n’B pop flair and emphasizes the songs impact to the maximum.

The song “X in My sensual” is incredibly fierce both in its lyrics and musicality. The beat and the bass when combined ignites a fireball of bombasticness. In fact, the performance here is nothing short of incendiary. Where the music brings such hot fire that it destroys everything that strays into its path no doubt.

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