I won’t apologise for writing about lots of Danish music artists lately because there is so much good stuff coming out of Denmark. It is really making me want to take a trip back over there and complete, on, the promise I made to myself about visiting the Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen the next time I took a weekend break to Denmark. A trip that is back on the bucket list when we get the green light to travel again. Good music from the Danes is giving me some pleasant compensation anyway. I am stoked to see a long-time favourite Danish artist of mine, the singer, songwriter and producer Asbjørn is teasing the release of a new album “BOYOLOGY.”  Lead single “Young Dumb Crazy” just came out supported by a music video that forms part of the video trilogy “The Boyology series.”

Asbjørn has dived into his feelings for “BOYOLOGY” the release charts his heartbreak at breaking up with a boyfriend. Speaking with Kaltblut-magazine that premiered the video, he says, “Young Dumb Crazy” was written from the perspective of his ex-boyfriend. I put all the sentences into the song, that I wish he would have said or desperately wanted to believe that he felt.” (Check out the full article on Kaltblut Magazine.)

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The track sounds quite different to his previous releases. It is notably pared-back and uses minimal electronic elements. Favouring the softer use of sonic touches instead. By way of comparison, the results are more in keeping with Troye Sivan’sBlue Neighborhood” era. This is the sound Asbjørn has grown into and it sounds good on him. There is plenty of detail shared in the Kathrine Skibsted directed video clip, it addresses that embracing our vulnerabilities is a good thing and men shouldn’t be afraid to show their emotion when dealing with grief, heartache or similar. In 2021, outdated stereotype culture is out. Equality is instead, in. Much has been said about wellness and mental health. Media outlets have been educating us. If music videos do the same, help push the message through. We all have a better understanding of what deserving happiness means. Thanks to music artists like Harry Styles, Josh McClorey and now Asbjørn for raising the subject through their beautiful music.

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