When I first wrote about the Berlin-based Danish singer, songwriter and producer Asbjørn’s sophomore album “Pseudo Visions” and single “Scandinavian Love” three years ago my parting remarks were “WOW just WOW!” Since writing and releasing his two epic albums, the Dane who makes pop with an important message and has long been a vocal advocate for shifting gender norms went back into the studio to begin work on album number three. With the process now all wrapped up, a new deal signed with Virgin Records / Universal Records Germany and a little more life lived to write about, Asbjørn returns with “Nothing 2 Lose“, a song written about feeling like the world is in your hands.

The track is the first taste of forthcoming album “BOY PWR“. It see’s the diverse artist come back with a song strewn with subtle electronic touches, almost hazy ethereal production twinkling with gossamer atmospherics and the Danes, crisp visceral vocal. The twitchy beats which make up this gleaming elixir of catchy melody and statement-making, lyricism have the same kind of stunning allure Scandinavian artists are renowned for. Speaking about the track, the singer insightfully adds “I think it’s high time we guys reinvent pop music from our point of view. I want to show that there is an infinite number of ways to express one’s masculinity – without falling back into age-old stereotypes. We should finally throw all these gender prejudices overboard and be who we want to be.”

In the video we see Asbjørn at the gym, coaching two young sportswomen in readiness for a boxing match. As the ladies commence throwing punches coach Asbjørn officiates, a good clean fight. Could a visual be more significant by actively alluding to be seen as throwing aside gender prejudices, than this? There is no mistaking the message in the lyrics or the “Nothing 2 Lose” music video.

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