I wasn’t very interested in what was happening on the updated Spotify New Music Friday (UK) playlist this week. After I glanced over it, I couldn’t see any mention of the latest Asbjørn track, “Be Human“. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a Danish pop music artist to appear on the singles round-up that is dominated by major label releases. It is as well that I follow lots of other excellent playlists, that give a voice to emerging and independent artists. And that Asbjørn’s PR team gave me a nudge, updating me with details on his highly-anticipated LP “BOYOLOGY“. It’s out on 28th January 2022. While alerting me that a new (Pride Version) of Asbjørn’s lyrically powerful track “Be Human” has been unleashed.

Previously, in collaboration with the Danish string sextet WHO KILLED BAMBI, a stringed arrangement of the track was released. I am thrilled to learn a more modern pop take on the song was up for consideration. The lyrics are sharp and quick-witted, encapsulating strong opinions about breaking gender norms. He urges, “Can I just be me. Can I just be human”. “I don’t care who you are just, who you wanna be, boy, man, woman or girl just be what comes naturally, if you don’t want to be labelled make your own category. Or you can just be human“.

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What makes this track more empowering, there is no generalisation in the narrative. In a brave move, and from the get-go, the lyrics are intimate and immensely personal. Where Asbjørn discloses childhood cross-dressing experiments and defies to be either man or woman by the book. The (Pride Version), comes because of being the adaptation of the song that was premiered at World Pride in Copenhagen this summer. It is a rare find, to learn of a track, unflinchingly honest as “Be Human” and what makes it both undeniably special and empowering.

Launching the single, Asbjørn took to Instagram, stating, “it’s an anthem for everyone who does not fit in. Something to dance to when you feel alone“.

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