I am so ready for the new Asbjørn album to arrive. The Danish singer-songwriter and producer has dazzled me more than a few times before, with his pristine, electronic pop offerings. The thought of landing a complete album, fresh with new songs is a very nice prospect indeed. It was only a short while ago since we were introduced “Nothing 2 Lose” the first single stemming from the “BOY PWR” album campaign and I am elated to learn follow-up release “We & I” has arrived hot on its heels.

The first thing that is noticeable about “We & I” is that its sound is far more commercial than anything found on the Dane’s, previous album “Pseudo Visions.” Which in comparison is alt electronic-pop leaning, and brimming with intelligently stylised, compositions. The new track is a departure in style and sound because it’s melodically, tailored as an electronic-pop anthem. It comes fully replete with punchy chords of soaring, synthesised melody and is most definitely best suited for a summer release.

Aside from the song’s catchy, upbeat direction. The powerful depth of lyricism translated into the song puts out a message, as Asbjørn says, “We and I” is a fuck you, but I love you kind of song.” Going into this album, the singer builds on his former catalogue of work. Pushing forward and intently sweeping away outdated male stereotypes. Taking inspiration from empowered women who fight their cause. “The girl power movement resonated with me because I felt different from the boys in school, and I wanted to explore what it meant for me to be a guy in my own way. “BOY PWR” is about, freeing yourself and celebrating the diversity of being male”, he says.

We & I” is a straight-up banger in every sense of the word. The melody bangs in a pop-sensible way and the lyrics bang with the power of love. The kind which rules the heart and not the head.

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