The moment in which I stumbled on those teasers of “Unholy,” I felt in an instant that Sam Smith was on course for a new career high. Lets be honest about Sam for a moment. The music career thus far has been a high-flying one regarding peaking chart positions. However, the time is right to mix things up and stray from the comfortable ballads. Although Sam has attempted to do this in the songs “Diamonds“, “I Feel Love” (Donna Summer), and the collaboration with Calvin Harris on “Promises“. It has become increasingly apparent they have grown in confidence to show us their authentic selves. So I think the music really needs to reflect this now.

Not to forget the song snippets shared by Smith ft Petras. We should have guessed they were up to something. Since a simple act like bleaching hair is a strong indicator of a change of image or artistic direction.

Sam Smith ft Kim Petras whetted our appetite long enough with their little teasers of “Unholy“. Thankfully they rescued it before it started to go off the boil, releasing it at last.

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Some will view the track as lyrical filth driven by a vacuous throbbing bassline and hypnotically mesmerizing, melodic harmonizing. “Unholy” does live up to this description. Yet nonetheless is one of those tracks, no matter how you try to avoid or unlove it. That has an overwhelming sense of power. I would go as far as to say “Unholy” is the biggest earworm of the year and that nobody is safe from the beguiling hook-laden refrain.

Bearing in mind a collaborator. Kim Petras was the right choice to spice up this song with her sassy, cool vocals and attitude. While as fans of her, we mourn the loss of the singers “Problématique album. We can replace our frown with a smile now, that it is pretty much assured she will top the charts with Sam Smith on what many will view as the hottest track of the year.

I am hoping that with Kim visiting the UK last week. It means that she came over to shoot the video in addition to her guest spots with Sam for the track premiere as BBC Radio 1s Hottest Record In the World. If so, I am not sure how long I will be able to keep patient to see it.

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