I have a feeling that when Calvin Harris and Sam Smith team up in the studio, they always come up with a sure-fire smash hit. Based on their previous collaborations on “Promises” and “I’m not here to make Friends,” it’s safe to say that they have a chemistry that creates magic. Their latest creation, “Desire,” has been tested in various festival performances all over Europe, including Ibiza, and it’s finally available for the world to enjoy. It’s definitely a song that you don’t want to miss, especially for those who enjoy trance music.

I have to say, “Desire” by Calvin and Sam is definitely the summer anthem to beat this year. Despite some tough competition from Kylie Minogue and Troye Sivan, they really went all out to claim the title. The track itself is not particularly mysterious in any way, but that’s not a bad thing – it reminds me a lot of “Toca’s Miracle” by Fragma, and Calvin has clearly taken inspiration from a lot of classic trance tracks to create this quintessential club anthem. All in all, I think Calvin and Sam have got a great shot at taking home the accolade this year.

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The truth is, I prefer Sam’s vocal on “Desire” over and above that of any of their own recent work. There is just something about Sam finessing soaring and transcending vocals that uplifts my soul. As for Calvin, he truly mastered the art of trance music with this release. It is super amazing how he can excel in any genre of EDM or electronic pop he ventures into. It’s no wonder he is now a world-renowned DJ/producer and highly respected in the industry.

I was getting a little tired of listening to summer anthems, the allure was starting to wear a bit thin, but then this song dropped and completely woke me up from my daze. When I hit play on “Desire,” it feels like a wave of sunshine happiness has washed over me and given me a burst of energy. A hit of pure dopamine if ever I heard one.

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