By Mandy Rogers

Allie X in all of her quirkiness has brought us to the brink of wonky pop on many occasions, not that we don’t love her all the more for it, it’s largely what we’ve come to expect from the alt-pop songstress.

When Mz X brings out something which is decidedly against the grain to what we’ve come to know, she has us listening-in even the more harder. Like what is brought about by the new single effort “That’s So Us”.

If we thought Allie’s previous single “All The Rage” showed out tendencies towards popping with bubblegum flavours, this was only because it acted as a pre-cursor to the full-on candy dipped sound sensation that drives the pure pop confection which is “That’s So Us”.

In this track, we get to know the softer side of Allie X, as she reveals facts and dissects the finer points that make up the romantic relationship she’s in. Actually it’s kinda cute to hear of all the differences referenced in this love match because to the outsider, clearly this is not a partnership that should work at all.

Top marks Allie X, you love who love that is all. That’s all it EVER should be. No hard fast rules, break with convention and fly high on the happy feelings it brings at all times.

Personally, the shizz gets oh so real in this song. These lyrics, darn it are a picture of my mind to a T. I perfectly know I’m guarded of letting on who the REAL me is. To be quite serious, for a moment “That’s So Us” practically word by word has blown my cover!

If you perchance see some crazy lady sauntering her way down the aisles of a grocery store singing this out aloud. I tell you now there’s every chance it’ll be me. It’s stuck in my head!