Allie X

Could it finally be the case that intriguingly, electronic-pop theatrical artiste Allie X is shaping up a release that is all territories inclusive!

It has been quite a road to this coming about, but probably more so to do with music industry guidelines, red-tape etc. Maybe the message finally got through to the powers that be, that the consumers at large – notably in the digital age, poor scorn on staggered release dates. Especially when audio streaming is the go-to media outlet which is presently booming.

I make a point of this now, since regarding any new emerging artist of recent times, in the case of Allie X this really became a sore point with me, especially after the exciting pop prospect that is Allie X ignited all corners of the blogosphere from the minute she stepped her foot on it.

Well that is how Allie X’s first body of work “CollXtion I” panned out, so guess I’ve said my piece and can now move forward, just like Allie X herself is doing right as now as she commences the journey to realise follow-up “CollXtion II”.

We may not all be conversant in the language X, but for the most part even the pop by-stander has learned all too well, that the X fans play a huge interactive role in the whole Allie X venture. This is why she is openly inviting her fan base through-out her social media platforms to play a part in shaping the creative process which will ultimately result in the release of second body of work “CollXtion II”. Fans input to include; comments and input forming part of the creative discussion and their feedback will help Allie X as she posts finished songs alongside works in progress; including standalone lyrics, demos, alternate versions, rough mixes and live versions.

My thoughts, what a great way to encourage creativity! and Wow to grow such a pool of ideas, like a chain reaction of sparks, sparking off one another. Inspirational, influential and something that X fans will be so connected by. To my mind it’s all utterly tremendous.

That was the news, but we are now going to break into song, as the first offering of the new material “Too Much To Dream” has arrived in all of its left-of-field piqued glory.

As we’ve come to expect of Allie X the track is a sublime balance of pop on the melancholy side that is oh so strangely, but refreshingly uplifted by hit of an alluring keen sense of intoxicating melody.

Avant-garde pop is truly alive and well in Allie X, and in showing us a little of how it’s done maybe, just maybe she might inspire a few of her music minded fans into pursuing music making goals of their own. Wouldn’t that be something!