It is nearly time to pull on our disco pants. The arrival of “Black Country Disco” the debut album from Tom Aspaul is imminent. We know so because Tom made us aware, on his social media. Stating, “Tender” the fourth and final single before my debut album “BLACK COUNTRY DISCO” is here. Are we ever in the mood for disco, as much as we are right now? You better believe it!

As we know from previous singles “Traces,” “Close 2 Me” and “W.M.” this album campaign has had Tom in his feels. Track by track he’s documented various stages of a break-up. He’s allowed us to see his vulnerable side and done so by sharing slick disco grooves. Nothing he’s unleashed this far compares with the emotion fuelled lyrics, he brings on “Tender.” Declaring “I don’t think that I could start again. You know it’s going to be a cold September. I don’t wanna show this heart again, the way you left it feels a little tender.” By the very cutting, heartbreak nature of the track, this really shouldn’t be a disco song. We see the word ‘tender’ mentioned and are fully expecting a pop ballad, and this is not what Tom has furnished us with at all. I would rather listen to a fizzing electronic-pop melody any day.

If you’re mid-week is need of a little spark, the “fired up” mix of the track should see you right.

The disco renaissance has really taken ahold this year. To be honest, it is the best thing to come out of 2020, for me, thus far. I do, however, recognise, that it has been mainly the ladies who have been bringing these vibes, back into our lives. Tom, here stands apart from the current trend makers in this respect. He is showing the guys how it’s done and gets major props from me for sticking with his vision.

If you are wondering when you might get your hands on the “Black Country Disco” album, Tom has said.

Applause! Finally, someone (i.e. Tom Aspaul) is challenging the system and being sensible. I hope more independent artists will see this, follow suit and drop their releases outside of Friday. Self-releasing artists, please take note.

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