There are some very good, independently releasing pop artists about. Tom Aspaul is most definitely, someone who I regard as one of them. It is hugely fantastic to me, how he keeps on coming back with new melodically charged bops, but I especially love it best, when he turns his attention to buzzing, disco-pop styles. Tom’s latest announcement, concerning the arrival of his upcoming debut album “Black Country Disco” does more to rouse my suspicion, that we’ll be getting lots more of his dancier offerings going forward. To first set the mood on his new chapter in music, the Gil Lewis co-written and produced track “Traces” leads.

Happy to report the track is living up to disco, bop tag. And offers more than the standard kind of dance floor burner, would because of the lyrics being, open and honest. The song is about trying to move on from a broken relationship and while for the most part, it feels that he is ready to start afresh. He realises he has still some way to go in the healing process. His mind is acting up like a real bitch, as every now and then, he is tormented by flashbacks of his ex’s face and other sensory triggers like a waft of cologne.

Listening to the track play out, I discovered it is actually quite a wondrous, slice of wistful electronica. But, the best bit is, it isn’t unnecessarily brooding or moody. What is going on here, is just the norm of processing feelings, but with a wicked backbeat and synths propping it up, for good measure.

Tom Aspaul has a learned way of recording undeniably addictive tracks. The thought of an album which could, likeliest be ablaze with these kinds of beats. Is already, firing up the excitement for us.

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