Thank the pop gods that in an extraordinary week, when our day-to-day lives were changed overnight, there has been an avalanche of very good music releases. Don’t get me wrong, in how bittersweet it feels to have seen and heard about, so many recording artists putting their release/tour, and, or complete campaign plans on hold. These are the days of unprecedented circumstances, in which we have all have had to quickly adapt to what is going on around us. What hasn’t changed is my determination to keep, pushing independent pop, electronic and indie-pop music artists releases under the spotlight. It pleases me to know, by unleashing the track “W.M.” singer-songwriter Tom Aspaul is undeterred in continuing the countdown to his debut album “Black Country Disco.”

What definitely plays to Tom’s advantage here, is that he has never stated the exact release date of when “Black Country Disco” would arrive. Rather, that he open-endingly informed everyone following his social media that it would be here in 2020. (Secretly loving his shrewdness.) Even as he drops single number four “W.M.” we are no wiser in knowing how close the album release really is. It’s been a while since Tom has dived in with the authentic disco-pop vibes or huge, dancefloor-filling beats. The rhythmically, funky, “W.M.” more than compensates for the loss of this neon-drenched, musicality in his repertoire.

It was such a mindblowing honour for Tom to have Kylie commandeer his track “Indiana” (re-recorded as “Feels so Good” back in the day. I can imagine if given half the chance, the disco-loving, Aussie pop princess might also be interested in giving this track the Kylie treatment as well. The only thing this time around, that may prevent Ms Minogue from borrowing the song is its specific references to the West Midlands and the Midland Metro. Feel sure she could inventively swap these out for Melbourne, Victoria and Melbourne Metro. Alright, that was just a thought which popped into my head. The lyrics are in fact, highly personal, detailing the after-effects of a break-up, therefore feel Tom would quite rightly be hesitant in giving this song up, not even to Kylie.

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