Returning from my holiday’s it was hard for me not to notice (but also feel happy about) the heaps of praise and glowing comments flooding my social media timeline for Tom Aspaul’s debut album “Black Country Disco.” The album which was released last week was one that I have been most eagerly awaiting also. During my 10 days away I’d purposely starved my ears of listening to music (as wanted to come back with my mind fully rested and with fresh ears.) Checking out “Black Country Disco” was my first priority. Turned out once I’d got the crucial first listen in, I couldn’t leave it there. That one first play became six plays in succession in no time at all. As someone who has never been the hugest album listener – this was a new milestone for me.

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The current focus track from the release is “01902” (The telephone area code for the West Midlands.) A decadent choice of single, at five and a half minute’s length. While being Tom’s first production credit also. The funky disco song brings closure to picking, through the heartbreak which forms the central theme throughout the album. In a move, quite the opposite to the rest of the album, the track details a sexy encounter. Although not explicit, the steamy lyrics leave little to the imagination. In so saying, the album ends on a very, chipper note. At least in the lyrical sense. The whole “Black Country Disco” album package is like a candy store of disco-pop treats, where every track is a favourite. I urge you to give it a spin at your earliest convenience if you haven’t already. I am sure it will be an instant hit with you as it is with me.

Black Country Disco” is available on iTunes, Bandcamp, CD, Cassette, Vinyl – details HERE

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