It has taken far longer than I had intended to check out (the latest track) “Back 2 Earth” by Tom Aspaul. By the same token, I make no further apologies by getting caught up in the buzz of Eurovision. After all, it is the biggest song contest of them all. I don’t appear to have written about Tom in a long time, and this has made me especially interested to hear some new material from him. Tom has a versatile vocal. It can effortlessly lend itself to a host of different music styles. From slinky dance grooves to the chilled R’n’B inflicted pop he’s noted for, with a surprise or two sneaking up every so often. This being said I wasn’t prepared for how electronic-pop he ventures into on “Back 2 Earth.”

During a quieter moment the other day, I was going through my checklist and realised I was in risk of letting this song fly under the radar. So, of course, I then checked it out immediately. Ahh, it is so freaking good. In fact, I haven’t been able to stop listening to the song because it is nothing like I had imagined and exceeds my expectations. Why is this? Because Tom has really jumped on the synth-pop vibe on this one. While it is not such a surprise to learn it is yet another style in music which actually works in his favour.

Being mindful, Tom is an independent artist and is doing everything for himself, it makes “Back 2 Earth” just that bit more super refreshing. The synths on the track bring Erasure sophomore album “The Circus” to mind. The Sixteen-year-old me practically burned out my tape deck by listening to that album, so I think this is a big reason why I immediately felt connected to Tom’s new song. Although, the lionhearted lyrics are equally inspiring and relatable to me also.

Let no one tell you otherwise, working in any of the creative arts industries is incredibly hard work and you need resilience by the bucket load and some. I just wanted to point that out because I really think you need to read this statement Tom shared on his Instagram about the track.

Grateful that this track was recorded as I now know I can turn it to when I need just a little nudge of guidance to see me through the looming darkness whenever shit happens next.

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