Scottish synth-pop band Chvrches know their fans are hungry for the 10th Anniversary Edition of their debut album, “The Bones Of What You Believe.” The special edition is out on October 20th. However, they have already shared one teaser track, “Manhattan,” following the album announcement in August. They also revealed, additionally, four new songs (demos), plus five live recordings appear on the updated “The Bones Of What You Believe,” release. Today, the band are allowing us a peek at, “Talking In My Sleep,” another previously unheard track.

Stylistically, as you would expect, “Talking In My Sleep” shares the same sound that defined this band’s debut era. Bearing in mind the newly shared recording is a demo. It is, therefore, one of Chvrches founding members, Martin Doherty, taking up lead vocal duties. Lauren Mayberry makes additional brief appearances performing in a backing, harmonising role.

Chvrches, Iain Cook comments…

“Some of the main sources of inspiration for our first album, including, “Talking In My Sleep” were artists that we all share a love for, and a lot of stuff from the 80s. Kate Bush (particularly the “Hounds of Love” album), Depeche Mode, Prince, Michael Jackson, and also a bunch of the blog-led indie pop music that was around in 2010″.

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Come to think of it. Since Iain mentioned them, the influence of Depeche Mode and Kate Bush, in particular, can be noticeably heard in this newly shared Chvrches track.

It is interesting to reflect, look back and observe how strong the band came out in their debut era. To achieve noticeability, they needed to create an impact. They achieved this through their buzzy introductions. The hard-hitting, thrumming electro of “Lies” and dreamy, softer strokes of “The Mother We Share.”

Once released. It will be interesting to find out if the 10th-anniversary edition of “The Bones Of What You Believe” with the extra content can replicate a similar effect of the original.

Since so many bands are touring their iconic anniversary milestone releases in their entirety. It is hard not to wonder if CHVRCHES will follow suit. Although there has been no official word yet. Fans can only hope and wait patiently to see if this trend will eventually catch on with the synth-pop trio.

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