Chvrches is marking its 10th Anniversary as a band and also honouring debut album, “The Bones of What You Believe,” with a Special Edition release. The album has been remastered by Gavin Lurssen, who has also mastered the band’s most recent album “Screen Violence“. Fans can purchase the Special Edition in various formats including 1xLP clear vinyl, 2xLP black vinyl with die-cut sleeve, 2xCD and Digital. Making the event even more special for their fans. Chvrches has included four previously unheard songs and five live tracks. This is definitely a must-have for day-one fans and anyone who has been following the band on their musical journey over the past 10 years. The album is set to arrive on October 13th via Glassnote Records.

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Since October 13th is a while off yet, the band has unleashed “Manhattan” one of the previously unheard tracks early, for our listening pleasure. It appears this chosen track has quite an interesting backstory! Notably, Lauren is not the featured vocalist on “Manhattan“. The reason why is explained here…

Founding member Iain Cook shares: “In late Summer 2011, Martin and I got together after having talked about doing so for a few years and started throwing down some synth-based ideas in my studio on the south side of Glasgow. “Manhattan” was the fourth idea we worked on together. It was the first time we messed around with sampling and chopping up our vocals which would go on to become one of the hallmarks of the band’s sound. Lyrically, we were playing around with pretty abstract apocalyptic imagery – in this case the Manhattan Project. This was right around the time we asked Lauren to come into the studio to try out some additional vocals.”

When comparing their latest music where Chvrches sound has evolved cinematically, “Manhattan” is noticeably raw, almost minimalist by their recent standards. It has a raw, almost minimalist feel that differs from its recent cinematic sound. In keeping the demo-like finish on “Manhattan” aligns with the band’s formation story and adds to the alluring overall effect. The new tracks, “White Summer“, “Talking in my sleep“, and “City On Fire“, are also great additions. I almost forgot how vibrant and fresh Chvrches sounded back in the day. Although I don’t usually indulge in nostalgia, I will gladly relish doing on this occasion so if the rest of the new songs can replicate the magnetic, untarnished vibes of “Manhattan“.

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