Internet crashes happen at the worst of times, don’t they? And particularly maddening to first, have my wifi signal drop and then fade out entirely as I tuned in last night for the Chvrches “How Not To Drown” music video premiere. The moment I had been fuelled with adrenaline for all-day seemed as though it was being snatched away from me. I wasn’t about to allow that to happen though, not with the possibility that Robert Smith (frontman of legendary band The Cure) and who features on the track, might show up in the pre-party chat. Oh no. I’ve never whipped out my cell phone as quick as a flash of lightning before, but this was the action of someone desperate to not miss a mill-second of what was about to happen.

I was psyched by the collaboration of Chvrches and Robert Smith on the track “How Not To Drown” when it was released twenty-four hours earlier. It sounds so, epic already and Duran Duran,new-wave in parts. In my opinion, Chvrches have reached a new pinnacle. They are now inviting their music heroes to guest on their work and I’m pretty sure the likes of Robert Smith wouldn’t turn up and lay down a vocal for just anybody. This whole reveal is all kinds of incredible.

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Iain, Martin and Lauren also managed to persuade Robert to appear in the video as well. He appears like an apparition peering through a crack in time. Could he be the goth-father looking out for his children? The highly saturated visual effects found in the Scott-Kiernan-directed clip reflects the dark penetrating vibe of the song. Along with “He Said She Said” (released in April) “How Not To Drown” appears on the band’s fourth album “Screen Violence“. (The album will be released on August 27th)

Narrating the theme of screen violence in three main forms – on-screen, by screens and through screens – the album touches on feelings of loneliness, disillusionment, fear, heartbreak and regret. The press release informs.

Chvrches have redefined, their sound in a rather seismic way that, and I have longed for them to explore. Full speed ahead I am thirstiest than ever now for album number four.

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