The Years & Years album “Night Call” arrives a bit later than was expected. It is out this Friday, 21st January. Meaning there is just enough time to squeeze another track out. “Sooner or Later” is the last promotional single out before the album drops. This one is a bit dance, a bit pop and a whole lot of dreamy vibes. Compared to the other “Night Call” singles, “Starstruck,” “Crave,” “Sweet Talker” (with the addition of “A Second To Midnight” featuring Kylie Minogue which appears on the Deluxe Edition of the album), this track is quite different from them.

Although I believe the fans will recognise the style of “Sooner or Later” as somewhat familiar. I am getting “Communion” debut album vibes. Anyone else picking up on this?

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The press release says this about the track.

Sooner or Later” channels the rage felt towards men who mess you around into anthemic, hedonistic pop. It harbours the Years & Years hallmark of lamenting past lovers, but there’s a newfound bite to the way control spins back to Olly in the lyrics (“You’ll be the death of me…I’m gonna break you”).”

Olly Alexander hasn’t taken a wrong turn as he moves forward as a solo project. He has kept us engaged and massively anticipating this album release. Adding to this the heat of “The Big New Years & Years Eve Party” a televised gig in the UK broadcast on the BBC, during the countdown to midnight. This was the best New Years Eve send-off I have seen on terrestrial TV since the iconic performance from Queen and Adam Lambert in 2014.

179 people messaged the BBC to file complaints about the Olly’s New Year’s Eve gig – their objection, the performance was “overly sexualised“. Who were these people?, and maybe they should watch an episode or two of the Channel 4 dating show “Naked Attraction“, before dialling up the British Broadcasting Corporation in future. This being if 5 minutes looking at “Naked Attraction” doesn’t send them to an early grave.

Olly came back with the best response.

As fans of this music project, we will be up especially early on Friday, getting in our first listen of “Night Call“. Just because we want to very much.

The album “Night Call” comes out via Interscope Records on January 21st – Pre-order HERE

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