If you haven’t heard the announcement already Years & Years is now officially an Olly Alexander project only. The news broke a month ago coinciding with confirmation new music would soon be on its way. It isn’t goodbye from Mikey and Emre completely, they both are still part of the family and will be involved with the project going forward. With Mikey continuing playing live with the band, while Emre will focus on writer/producer duties. Since Olly began hinting that a new single was imminent, naturally excitement has been building to the release of the latest offering, “Starstruck.” A title that conjures up several things. Being a mega-fan of somebody. Being in awe of the wonderous starry night-time sky. Perhaps being obsessed with the star-shaped tributes which adorn the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

To clarify, here’s Olly to tell us what the track is really all about.

“‘Starstruck” is about the rush you get when you’re with somebody you’re really into, it’s about holding onto a good feeling and not letting it go. Like most of us, I’ve spent the past year at home, and I wanted to create something super positive and fun for people (and myself) to bop along too. Whatever we’re doing or wherever we are in life, I think we all deserve three minutes of interstellar ecstasy.”

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Brilliant. I can’t blame Olly for having a hankering to leap on the disco resurgence trend. There was me thinking the door had been slammed shut on it once more after Kylie took us there last year with her ultimate celebration of party music, the “DISCO” album. Years & Years couldn’t wait to dive right in and work up a disco release all of their own. After all, Olly has form in the dance-pop arena when he hopped on the vocals on the Jax Jones track “Play.” “Starstruck” is the sum of Years & Years sound jiggling about inside a glitter shaker. A sparkly, cosmic delight. A party tune to gleefully stomp about to. And maybe it won’t be a stand-alone single for too long, as Olly is currently hard at work on more music to follow this release.

It is super nice seeing Olly having some real fun and antics with the music video. Spoiler alert. We get to see who he is starstruck by. You’ll never guess who in a million years & years…

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