The video just dropped for the two-week-old Years & Years and Galantis track “Sweet Talker“. Having the new music video for “Sweet Talker” arrive on Thursday evening before new music Friday kicks in feels wonderful to me. Honestly, I needed to feel the excitement of a new release. We have entered the slowdown to the holiday season. Things have been rather quiet this week in the world of new music.

Olly drew me in with his otherworldliness and fantasy aesthetic in the music video for his last single, “Crave“. My hope was that he would use this style in other music videos for the “Night Call” album promo campaign. Based on a glance at the visual clip, it seems that the wish I had is being granted. We have a new video director, Sophia Ray, in the chair this time, but the theme of fantasy still prevails.

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When we last saw Olly, he was acting, freakily in a forest with some strange but fabulous friends. In this new episode, he is spotted roaming around a castle dressed as a medieval peasant. And getting into all sorts of drama and scrapes with tin clad knights with swords.

Director Ray explains the video as “inspired by iconic fantasy films like “Labyrinth” and “Gretel & Hansel.” A sickly sweet, but dark take on a fairytale, where superstar Olly Alexander finds himself trapped in an enchanted castle by a mysteriously sexy beast.”

I am so glad Years & Years has delved into these fantasy worlds for their videos. They provide real escapism to the viewer. They are also a perfect way for Olly to flex his acting skills further. Will the next stop find him in an episode of Dr Who? Stranger things than that have happened.

Years & Years third album “Night Call” comes out via Interscope Records on January 7th, 2022. – Pre-order HERE

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