I have to admit, it wasn’t until the most recent album, “Troubled Paradise,” that I really started paying attention to wannabe pop star Slayyyter. After trying to make it in the pop scene for a few years, Slayyyter’s debut album in 2021 showed a more subdued side to her DIY pop sound. Where she toned down the bravado and switched up the synth-pop style. I was pleasantly surprised by the results of this evolution. However, she recently linked up with Tove Lo in the support slot of the Swedish pop sensation’s North American leg of the Dirt Femme tour. This aroused my suspicions that we might be hearing more from Slayyyter soon.

Honestly, I was not expecting what Slayyyter just released. “Out of Time” is unquestionably her most pop-oriented track so far, and it’s amazing. It has that 80s/90s vibe that reminds me a lot of Kim Petras, and I just found out that they have the same producer, Vaughn Oliver. No wonder the similarities are there! Oliver has also worked on some of Kim’s iconic hits like “Malibu,” “Sweet Spot,” and “Personal Hell.”

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About “Out of Time,” Slayyyter says… “it was inspired a lot by my own anxieties and insecurities about being a smaller artist in the music industry. This song is a slick 80s rebirth for me about anyone who has ever wanted to be famous.”

Having seen the official visualiser for Slayyyter’s new song. The clip gives a glimpse into what we can expect from this era of her music. There’s a strong theme of Hollywood luxury, celebrity obsessions, dreams and delusions, femme fatales, and vanity. These themes remind me somewhat of Allie X‘s “Super Sunset“. Although, the music on the leading focus single, “Out of Time,” seems to be more in keeping with the style of Kim Petras and Miley Cyrus.

The song “Out of Time” by Slayyyter has super impressed me. This track showcases her musical prowess like never before, and I can’t help but hope that she continues down this path. The combination of indie, synth-pop and 80s is truly, alluring. If she keeps this vibe going, I can see myself becoming a huge fan of Slayyyter in the coming months…

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