Popstar wannabe Slayyyter has a reputation which stands before her as being provocative, larger than life and pretty sharp to the point with her narratives. She comes across as a spikey individual, who like Marmite, you either like or loathe. Because sometimes her music can be easily digested while at other times harder, to swallow. There is no middle-ground, Slayyyter is an all or nothing kind of girl. She follows the same lane as Brooke Candy, as both thrive on being unconventional. A favourable point about her is the DIY aesthetic she abides by, until, the current single and exotic music video for “Troubled Paradise” arrived, the independant artistry was the only thing about the music that I really liked. When I’m in the situation of feeling uncertain about anything or anyone, I still assume it best to keep my opinion wide open. Therefore I was still a little bit, curious about the new track “Troubled Paradise” although I wasn’t prepared to have any feelings about it either way. Not least that when I pressed play on it, it would click with me instantly.

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With “Troubled Paradise” it is the first time I am seeing Slayyyter properly, live out her Britney Spears dreams. Did her involvement with Kim Petras on the Charli XCX track “Click” in someway help to affirm her goals. In many strengths “Troubled Paradise” feels like it would make a good, choice of track, for Kim. What with its 80s electro-pop vibe.

Slayyyter has announced the single as the title-track from her upcoming debut album. She says of the album,

“I like doing things myself, I always have in every aspect of life. These days, you can make big budget-sounding pop, but have it be totally DIY. These songs are just written by me and, my friends. I want to keep the ideas raw.”

If she adheres to the plan detailed above and continues rolling out electro-pop songs like “Troubled Paradise.” I expect my music diet to feature a lot more Slayyyter this year.

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