Pop provocateur Slayyyter is gearing up for the June 11th release of, debut album “Troubled Paradise.” I covered the electrifying electro-pop title track on the blog in January. I have done a full-180 on the uncompromising pop sensation as I wasn’t a huge fan of her earlier work. The new stuff, however, is quite a different matter. “Clouds” is released in follow-up to the single “Troubled Paradise.” And is where the singer is serving dreamy disco vibes. She has really pared back for the nicopop produced track, where she appears almost angelic.

But hold up, we know better because this is Slayyyter and we know provocative and alluring is the brand which has stood her in good steed. Except for “Clouds” where she teases more of her vulnerable side. “Some days I feel good then I really wanna disappear. I always got clouds over me.” She sings, brightly. Shaking off a little bravado. Are we really nearer to what lies at the heart of the album? Clearly, she wants us to understand life isn’t always filled with cotton cloud dreams and candy sweetness. Yet, doesn’t wish to go deeper than to just scratch the surface at present on the song.

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The only thing which is predictable about this track is the music video. The Munachi Osegbu directed clip captures the singer resting on a carpet of pillow white clouds with her waist-length flowing hair in the breeze. When in reality the images she has been feeding us have been masking a lot of the real Slayyyter. We have seen her as a disruptive force. She is ready to let us know her sweet little girl dreams haven’t quite turned out the way she imagined. One minute she throws us back to the Dorothy, like (Wizard of Oz) imagery. The next she’s seated on a table surrounded by tempting sugary treats or then sitting on the lap of a big teddy bear. Coupled with the dark lyrical undertones, it feels like the singer is letting old demons out of the cupboard for good. The process may have been cathartic but the new pop style from her is sounding so good.

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