I remember having a discussion with our friend Javi Lopez from Austin about SXSW in an EQ Music group chat about a year ago. During that conversation, Javi introduced me to Madison Rose. Therefore arising from our discussion I checked out Javi’s suggestion and definitely saw potential. This weekend, my interest in Madison reignited with the release of her latest track, “Girls Girls Girls“. Whereupon I naturally, perused social media to learn more about this release. I also discovered to no surprise she’s now quite the TikTok sensation. However, while many artists rise to fame on TikTok only to quickly fade away, I believe this is not true of Madison Rose. She is here to stay.

Moreover, Madison is truly an artist on the rise, creating authentic and independent work that is a joy to behold. Her latest work is an anthem to all things feminist and empowering, with “Girls Girls Girls” serving as the perfect tribute to women everywhere. While I do not view it as a new trend. Notably an ongoing rise in sapphic pop releases by emerging pop artists. (“Matriarchy” by Girli, anything by Chappell Roan or Romy) is happening. To quote Chappell Roan, a “femininomenon“.

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Madison’s latest track showcases her talent and previous experience in the dance-pop and EDM genre, namely with production artists Born Dirty and Nervo. The pop-dance-pop crossover vibe she uses blends seamlessly with the empowering and celebratory lyrics. Thus creating a femme anthem that is sure to resonate. One of the standout features of the song is the spoken word section, which is taken from an interview with the iconic Grace Jones.

When asked by an interviewer, Do you find women attractive?”… Grace unflappably responds, “If I didn’t, I wouldn’t find myself attractive. I think one has to begin first with themselves”.

Interviewer: “Does that make you bisexual?” …
Grace: “It doesn’t make me anything. It’s ridiculous, there’s no comparison”.

Madison’s use of this powerful message is a testament to the impact that strong and confident women can and do have in the music industry.

Madison Rose went there. I am suitably gagged! Readers and you?…

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