Dua Lipa

Championed by the tastemakers and establishing a spot the BBC Sound of 2016 longlist, new pop proposition Dua Lipa turns up the heat by staging her next release, in what promises to be a majorly noteworthy year ahead.

Following on from the favorably received, mesmeric sophomore single “Be The One”, Dua continues to focus on enchanting her growing audience by delving headfirst into a pool of hazy electronica geared of hypnotically tugging beats which best serve her huskily smoky vocal tones.

Dua mostly sings forlornly of circumstances themed of love. How she does so, is somewhat imposing in the way she carries melody and harmonies. In so much, that even though being openly expressive through her lyrics, she is able to retain a presiding air of mystique that glides atop of the provocatively induced soundtrack.

Songwriter to today’s emerging stars, former hip-pop artiste Talay Riley flexes his penmanship in collaboration with Dua on “Last Dance”, together documenting the listless darkness and isolation felt of being parted by distance from loved ones. Out of the homesick vibes, emphasis switches to a bittersweet atmosphere of yearning need to restore karma.

In true-to-life form, the song was written whilst Dua was out in Toronto on a songwriting mission. During the sessions the singer/songwriter became overwhelmed by tiredness extending from the burn of creative activity that she was under and which in turn, lead to Dua to type up this very track written about missing her bed and folks at home. Equally it has become Dua’s benchmark track, the one where she first sealed exactly what her signature sound was to be and as such, everything that Dua Lipa emerging pop artiste is, extends from this.

It is quite easy to get caught up in the earthily organic, new world sensibility that pertains to Dua Lipa’s sound. It is everything traversed from dark into the light, whilst, stirring the soul of all relatable consequence inbetween.