Didn’t we just know all along that when Dua Lipa unleashed her sophomore album “Future Nostalgia” that she would own New Music Friday? After slowly peeling back the layers with promotional singles “Don’t Start Now,” “Future Nostalgia,” and “Physical,” the pop queen celebrates the album release in the best way, with a video for the funky disco-pop track “Break My Heart.”

Dua’s rise as a pop artist has been meteoric and a thrill to watch unfold. From her first humble offerings found on her self-titled debut through to the blockbuster efforts, she has evolved with, for “Future Nostalgia.” The current run of music videos, in particular, have been high bar efforts, lavished with the latest digital camera tricks and effects. In fact “Break My Heart” doesn’t feel like the sad pop banger it is because the video is so astoundingly bright and glossy.

Even though the track and video document the trials, and tribulations of relationships. In her state of mixed-emotions, she still has the upper hand when it comes to slotting in a cute dance routine that we will all endeavour to have our best stab at. Also in the song, the 80s references keep coming. The track is built around a sample of INXS “Need You Tonight.” Proving that even, while in her most thoughtful, and serious moments, she loses none of her ability in, kicking up, a storm.

Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to dive with a listen of the album first thing this morning. Consider me an instant “Future Nostalgia” fan. The critic in me sincerely wants to put in a constructive statement about the release, although, I am simply, hard-pressed, in doing so, as I am unable to pick out a single thing, that I don’t love about it. Suffice to say, team Dua has been super, clever in its utilizing of the 80s and 90s references, samples (INXS “Need You Tonight,” “Your Woman,” White Town) and beats. If we look into the listing of track credits, our eyes are met with a glitterati of names. From Tove Lo, through to Stuart Price and Sarah Hudson among many. Including a massive coo for relative indie-pop newcomer UPSAHL, who earns a mention for “Good In Bed.” Obviously, I am a fan of all of the singles which led towards this release. Other tracks which I am stuck on right now are “Cool,” “Levitating” and “Boys Will Be Boys.” (I am hopeful that within time at least one of these songs will get a full release.) In the same way, Madonna, slayed the pop world with “Confessions On A Dancefloor,” I feel “Future Nostalgia” is about to have the same impact. All around it is good news for Dua Lipa, as with her sophomore album release, she isn’t about to lose her pop queen crown anytime soon.

It is massively regretful, that due to Corona, the “Future Nostalgia” UK and European tour dates now won’t happen until January 2021! (For details on the re-scheduled dates SEE HERE.)

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