Listen to “G.R.L P.W.R” by Stacey Bee

Stacey Bee has to be one of the freshest faces to be found on the emerging pop scene right now. Since we hear she’s barely finished up her schooling but already has her sights set on making a career out of music.

Typically, as you’d expect of a bright young girl of 17 years old, Stacey cites her idols as being Britney and the Spice Girls. I mean you can literally see this in Stacey’s press photo anyways. It’s by far an early Britney / Emma Bunton look, Stacey is rocking. Quite the, little Xerox Photostat, merging a likeness of both pop cutie pies, don’t you agree?

To be fair to Stacey, she’s coming out the gate with a chirrupy debut offering in tow. Even going so far as sealing her Spice Girls idolism by writing a song about girl power – “G.R.L P.W.R”.

If it’s super a fun vibe that Stacey is aiming at, she’s hit the bullseye dead centre as a colourful pop bundle of crazy cuteness is what I’m hearing, sure enough.

G.R.L P.W.R.” is only a tiny taster into what Stacey Bee is all about. A mere marker on the pop trajectory if you will. A place from which Stacey’s daisy fresh musicality and saccharine sweet vocals can be further nurtured from that of a ripening rosebud that’s waiting its time to open out blooming. By my reckoning the tools are all there in this charming diddy, to see this happens.